Born in the World cup year
September 1966  With Four decades  of   Martial art experience in life,  Franklyn Riley Started learning martial arts from a  young age he started learning judo when
he was 7 years old  for a brief period  . Before  being inspired by  Bruce lee whom he first saw  being previewed  (The way of the dragon ) 1972 .Time line  was aired  on the Wide World of Sport TV  Show With Host Dickey Davis.

His  passion for  Martial arts  was ignited ​A few  years passed before discovering  his  first kung fu form  Hung gar Kung fu Five animal System. He practiced for three years until his  
Next transition came in the form of a  Style which  was known as Shoalin fist Kung fu  

He was still at School at the time when a friend introduced him to the Ving Tsun System through a mutual friend. From then on he was hooked on Ving Tsun Kung fu eventually joining the school of 
Sifu Austin Goh  and Sifu  Eddie  Yeoh, Sifu Nigel Fan  were he Trained at the Notre Dame Hall in Leicester square and Soho  in the Early eighties 

He  stayed for a period  of two years there was  a break of one  year  he decided to  try another teacher this came in the form of Chan chit wah Victor Kan  Direct student of GGM  Yipman in the years of 1984  - 87
By this time he worked for the London Underground, were a friend work colleague 
 told him about a guy who was pretty tough who travelled  through the tube system  whose name was Segun Johnson. Who was a Student of  the Charismatic   Nino Bernardo  Student of the Legendary Wong shun leung 
This intrigued Franklyn they had good talks, were for the first time he heard about the Kwoon were they trained named (The Basement) in Stoke Newington London
The year was 1987 when Franklyn stepped into the Basement the floors were white 
As were the walls with just a air vent   He asked Nino to try his hand with someone, Nino put fouth his Student..Luke. It was quite a epic encounter  as  Franklyn lunched a jumping turning kick which just missed him by a wisker. As Nino commented at the tenth year Anniversary of the   Basement.. Man 
I'd have lost face that day...Phew .So glad that kick didn't connect man  lol       

 Franklyn  was too  have  a few encounters  at the Basement .On one  such occasion  during a training session  Two  Southern  preying mantis  Stylists  entered the building how they found it, is still a mystery  as. The Basement wasn't a place you could find. For you had to first spot the Ying and  Yang sign above  the gate  If  your  still curious you'd continue though the car park and  if your lucky you'll see at the end of the wall  Steps leading  downward  into the  Infamous Basement . Two  Mantis fist guys.

Entered the building, they watched for a while to see  what was occurring  Segun  was the senior  there so he  asked  them the nature of there visit . They explained they wished too cross hands with Ving  Tsun.  So it was agreed  as the  Basement practitioners  never turned down no one Segun took on  one of the guys  shutting   down his attacks  using good  Ving Tsun control tactics..Next  was Franklyn's  turn who was still relatively  new  to the Basement so his expression was a little different to Segun's  were he found the Mantis guy trying to break his  guard hand, so he  implored a more loose approach of footwork.. 

When the opening  appeared, Franklyn  lunched a sharp sidekick  Sending the guy flying  toward the door into the arms of his fellow  practitioner  Over and  Out  Amigo !

They went away with the knowledge Ving Tsun can control you and kick your arse also, irrespective of what you do!

Franklyn  spent a good number of years at the Basement from 1987-2000  Training under his Sifu Nino Bernardo   His account of those years  was It was The School of hard knocks the guys there trained hard  Nino would push you to your limits Were he learned all the fundamentals and advanced  levels  of  the system  at  the Basement 
Franklyn formally has extensively worked within the security industry from a Commercial standpoint Door supervision to Close protection work within the sector   He  has worked with children in the care profession,  with learning difficulties  and autism And still devotes a tremendous amount of time  for the cultivation of his Ving Tsun Kung Fu 
 He's trained with the likes of

Segun Johnson, Micheal Louison  Guy Coffie,  Mark Wallach,  Renzo Tat  Kenny Robinson, Johnny Turnbull Wilfred Raimond, Kevin Lyn, Lemmy Man , Loukas Kastrounis ,Chris Holmes, Steve Tabakin, Sam Masters  The Basement closed  in 2000 Nino, moved to Ibiza  since then  Franklyn Still continues to  refine his skills Training  and  Instructing  at his own School  Eternal Spring Ving Tsun