GGGGM Dr Leung Jan Aka                  (梁贊) 

(The (King of WingChun )

​  Leung Jan (梁贊)  Was a Chinese herbal doctor  in Foshan His name become   well known due to his  wins in competitive  bouts  He was called Mr Jan  from Foshan (佛山贊先生). Leung Jan began learning Wing chun   Around 1840  or 1850’s era .  Leung Jan earned the title “King of Wing Chun Fist”   Over the course of his life from winning over 300 challenges in which he remained undefeated eventually retiring to his native Village Kulo where he developed his personal synthesis of his Wing chun boxing which is known today as Pin sun Wing chun boxing Fist

 GGGM Chan Wah- Shun                (陳華順)

Money Changer Wah' 

Was a student of the wing chun grandmasterLeung Jan(梁贊)  He is best known today for being the martial arts teacher of Ip Man, himself best known for being the teacher of Bruce Lee.
 He was 70 years old, but was only able to teach him for three years..Before dying, he asked his second student, Wu Chung-sok (吳仲素), to continue Ip's training after his death

    GGGM  Leung Bik  

   Leung Bik

Was said to be the  eldest son of Leung Jan  and the one who achieved the highest skills in Ving Tsun Kuen under the famed doctor.
After the passing of his father Leung Bik lost a fight with Chan Wah-Shun, one of his father’s best students and was forced to leave Foshun ending up in Hong kong ,  Were he met the Young Ipman and taught him a lession in skill comparision Which lead to him taking Ipman as a  Student and taught him the deeper aspects of the Skill

    GGM Yip man (葉繼問

Ipman was born on first of October 1893-1972  He began learning  Wing Chun sometime after  1906  under  Chan wah Shun  who was said to be teaching  out from the Ip Ancestral temple at the time Ipman brought Wing Chun out from the bamboo curtain to main stream Hong Kong . All from a challenge from  Leung Sheung  His first HK disciple on that day in 1952, Ip Man officially opened the doors on his 20-year career as a Martial arts Instructor GGM Ipman Spent his whole life as Champion  the cause of Wing Chun He taught Wing Chun’s  not for sale, but students may apply for lessons He Produced array of talented students  Leung Sheung  Lok Yiu,Chu Shong-tin  Cheng Kao  Yip Bo Ching  Wong Shun Leung Notably Bruce Lee  He helped create the Hong Kong ‘Ving Tsun Athletic Association’ in 1967. Ipman Passed away Dec 12-1972


   GM Wong shun Leung

 (King Talking with the Hands)


Wong Shun Leung

who stood only

5' 6" tall, fought perhaps over 100  of  these  challenge fights and was never beaten .He earned the name Gong Sau Wong, King of Talking Hands Once asked if he was the best fighter in the world he replied  "No  only the second best."

When asked who was the best he said "I don't know, I haven't met him."
Wong stayed with Ip Man many years longer than most of the other famous students, helping Ip Man teach and only opened his own school formally in the late sixties.

He taught The legendary Bruce lee at one stage  in time before he left for the United States  He taught VT all over the world Giving  seminars Spreading the popularity  of
  Ving tsun  until his untimely death from a stroke.in 1997


  Sifu  Nino Bernardo

In 1984, Nino set up an infamous word-of-mouth kung fu school in London called the Basement, where he developed a reputation as one of Europe's most skilful and influential Wng Chun teachers. 
He was also Wong Shun Leung's senior UK representative until the untimely death of his Sifu  in 1997.Nino has lived in Ibiza since 2000, where he has set up Europe's first alternative kung fu school. His emphasis in recent years has been on the importance of learning Wing Chun for health and personal development.

   Sifu Franklyn Riley

Aka (Frank the Tank)

Old Skool patriot of    The Basement School of Nino Bernardo. He was still at School  when a friend introduced him to the Wing Chun System  From then on he was hooked on Wing Chun Kung fu training under 
 Sifu Austin Goh  and Sifu  Eddie  Yeoh, Nigel Fan  in the Early eighties 1983 
From  1985  - 87  he  Trained under
 Chan chit wah ( Victor Kan  Direct student of GGM  Ipman Before Finding  The Basement  in 1987 Were he trained under Sifu Nino Bernardo  from 1986 to the close of the school in 2000