Ving Tsun is a Fighting system  which nethier  requires  great strength or athletic prowess  to achieve  results  .Instead  the system   uses  ones own movement .Developing  Combat  effectiveness  within  a shorter space of time  compared  to other martial arts systems   Due to its principles of straight line attacks  deflection  , compiled with economy of motion dynamics . Basically Ving Tsun’s Skill based upon scientific  principles ( ie) The shortest distance between to points is a straight line  more over a .Triangular based structured system which deems it very hard to penetrate.Directness , Simplicity , Efficiency is its key quality‘s rendering it a unique Martial science .
The Primary focus  of the system,  that being close quarter  combat with the approach to totally incapacitate  an opponent  at the first opportunity , upon contact  and render them unable to retaliate any further opposition,by attacking the central mass of the body of the opponent .Resulting in disorientation of the given surroundings etc.
Advantages of the System is the ability to respond instinctively upon contact wither that being arm or foot contact,wither the arms are obstructed, jammed or pressed by the opponent. Instinctively this  will prompt an immediate response to extinguish the given threat instantly !

With its unique training drill known as   Chi sao. Aka ( Sticky hands)  Chi sao  is the Essential tool that being  the  Heart  of  the  VT system which,  bonds the  forms  and  peripheral training  drills together which  incite correct responsive actions in regard to the given threat  without conscious thought.  
One of Chi sao's primary functions is too condition the elbows, to occupy the Centreline .Giving one maximum advantage of the shortest distance to the nearest target. Also the very important aspect of (Lat sau jjt chung)...Forward spring loaded energy force. Supported by peripheral training drills. To createfluidity of action and spontaneous responses in regard to the situation at hand Ie “What ever presents itself"
Right  through to  the very advanced  level  The Ving Tsun  fighter can still   attack and  render control  within a very quick   time frame even while having impaired vision  the arms literally think for themselves.
Spontaneity   cementing the ability to infight within close range proximity effectively without once again given thought. In other words Ving Tsun works via the Subconscious mind rather than the Conscious mind which makes it very unique in its nature. 
Ving Tsun does deploy kicking, as a attacking means also .But with a golden rule that being kicks never stray higher than waist height for one might impede ones balance .The concept of Ving Tsun. Kicks are as straightforward as its hand techniques .Which takes on the role like that of punching concept. Avoiding targets which may compromise the balance, hence kicking in VT is for Real fighting opponents which can inflict serious   damage, and are not for show or  competition  Judges  etc !   
The curriculum is comprised of three “Empty hand” forms : Siu nim tao (“Young Idea”) ,”(Chum  kiu  (“Searching the bridge” ) an d Biu Ji  (Thrusting fingers) Muk  Yan  Jong ( “Wooden Dummy” ) Luk Dim Bun Gwarn  (“Six and a Half Point Pole”)  And Baat Jaam Doe ( “Eight cutting Knifes”)
      The huge benefits of practicing VT are as follows  
o   Increased fitness, health, values ​​and mediation
o   Inner peace
o   Fitness, strength and endurance
o   Focus and Concentration
o   Motorized-dynamic capabilities 
o   Deep breathing and cardiovascular measures
o   Training of tactile reflexes, tremendous responsiveness     
o   Correct posture, body voltage . Sense of balance